What are engineering best practices?

A set of practices that describe how we build products and how we work together. Each practice attempts to encapsulate an important aspect of how we work together.

These aren’t “rules”, they are a useful guide which will allow us to grow, make decisions and release new features quickly**.** In other words, we believe that if we keep these top of mind they should help keep us agile and move fast.

They aren’t something that we can simply write down once and they are set in stone; they’re meant to be the starting point of an ongoing conversation about how we want to work together. As we learn and test out new ideas or ways of working, we’ll continually improve upon them, so that it continues to be useful as we scale.

These practices can be used as a compass to make decisions with and a guide for how we want to grow.

These practices also allow us to create a shared understanding of what “great” looks like so that existing engineers know how to make decisions and prioritise work and new engineers know what we expect and how we work.


1) Always strive for simplicity.

We believe by keeping things as simple as possible we will be able to execute faster. Simple things are easier to understand, change and talk about which helps when communicating our work with others and makes collaborating easier.

What activities does this practice encourage ?